How quantum physics & cosmology relate to numerology!

November 3, 2008

Cosmology might provide an answer to how numerology works!


Back in the old days of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras of Samos, scientists already had discovered that nature, the universe, and the cosmos do follow certain patterns of development. The rhythms of these patterns can be described with numbers and mathmatics. And this explains why it is said that Pythagoras and his students believed that everything is related to mathematics and that numbers are the ultimate reality. Nevertheless, today it is far from easy to describe how numerology really works. And numerology-skeptics have pointed out that there is actually no theory at all which could explain how numerology works. IF it works at all…

For example: most of the modern numerology books today, only describe “how to do numerology”. But most numerology books don’t say anything at all about the questions: ‘How does numerology work?’ and ‘Why does numerology work?’…!!!


Our inability to actually describe HOW numerology works, does this indicate that numerology only works ‘through the human mind’? The best answer to this question might be: ‘possibly’. And could this indicate that (some) numerologists are fooling themselves with ‘selective perceptions’? Again, possibly this could come close to the truth. However …

Recent discoveries in ‘quantum physics‘ (the branch of physics based on the ‘quantum mechanics’) and ‘cosmology‘ (The study of the origin and evolution of the universe as a whole) have pointed out that the universe is actually sort of ‘in interaction’ with the human mind! This brings us very close to the famous Hermetic Law which states:

“As Within, So Without! As Above, So Below!”

Could this bring us closer to answering the question: ‘how does numerology work?’ Again, the best answer could be: ‘possibly’.

• What is numerology?


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