According numerology Barack Obama will be re-elected.

According numerology Barack Obama will be re-elected.

How numerology predicts that Barack Obama will be re-elected:

A top numerologist from Myanmar (Yangon) predicts that Barack Obama, the US president-elect, will win another term in office. “Obama will be definitely re-elected again. Leos are born to lead others”.

The numerologist also predicts that Barack Obama will likely escape attempts to harm him.

His card shows the emperor sign,” San-Zarni Bo, who gives daily predictions on a Myanmar FM radio station, told AFP.

San-Zarni Bo says Barack Obama’s birthday on August 4 means “the country will be developed under the leadership of number-four born Obama.”

But San-Zarni Bo warned that, according to his reading of the stars, there would be “certain assassination attempts” in 2009, 2010 and 2013 but that they would fail because of his birth date and horoscope.

And San-Zarni Bo said: “I can basically say all attempts will fail and be unsuccessful. But how can we say definitely without Barack Obama’s palm reading?”

San-Zarni Bo also warned of potential threats to incoming secretary of state Hillary Clinton. “According to astrology, the arrow is pointing to Madam Clinton,” he said.

Asked if Obama would help the people of military-ruled Myanmar (against whose junta Washington has imposed sanctions) San-Zarni Bo said people born on the fourth day of the month “stand on the side of the weak people.”

Barack Obama’s re-election predicted by numerologist
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How number 26 became a bad omen for India.

How number 26 became a bad omen for India.

How the 26th became a bad omen for India:

Some numerologists & astrologists say that the Mumbai terror attack on the 26th was not a surprize. For, many other disasters have earlier occurred in India on the same date: the 26th – nevertheless is the number 13 considered as the most ominous number worldwide.

A review of the facts and various opinions.

In 2004 the Tsunami struck India on December 26; in 2001 the Gujarat earthquake was on January 26; ín 2007 blasts rocked Guwahati on May 26; and the Ahmedabad blasts this year were on September 26 before the Mumbai attack on 26th in november.

So, in 2008 two terrorists strikes in India have been on the 26th. And … another two on the 13th! Jaipur blast was on May 13 and Ahmedabad on July 26, followed by Delhi on September 13 and now Mumbai on 26th this month. Earlier also, India has faced big attacks on the 13th. Serial blasts in Mumbai trains were on March 13, 2003 and Parliament was attacked on December 13, 2001.

Numerologists and astrologers claim it’s no coincidence. “Numerologically, the number 26 is a very unlucky number. 26 comes to 8 (2+6 = 8 ) which brings in destruction,” Mumbai-based numerologist Sanjay Jhumani said.

But famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla disagrees, “It’s not only on the basis of numerology. There are astrological reasons as well for the Mumbai attack. Mars and Saturn are in conjunction now. Astrologically, this is known as Angara Yoga which brings in destruction,” he explains.

He says even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was born on the 26th (September 26) and our Republic Day is also on the 26th. “So the number is not always bad. Numerology also doesn’t work every time.”

How the 26th became a bad omen in India
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'The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success'.

The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success.

Barack Obama.

Barack Obama

John McCain.

John McCain

Presidential numerology?

What do the numbers say about Barack Obama and John McCain? Numerologist celebrity numerologist Tania Gabrielle uncovers how names and dates shape US history in her latest book: ‘The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success’.

While most people look at polls and news coverage to judge whether a candidate is in the lead, numerologists have a different way of breaking down a contender’s chances.

Washington, DC celebrity numerologist Tania Gabrielle uncovers how names and dates shape US history in her latest book, The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success. She uses Pythagorean, Chaldean, and ancient Egyptian systems to outline what the founding fathers have in common, how the numbers related to President Bush’s name beat those in Al Gore’s in 2002, why John McCain and Barack Obama were destined to run against each other, and more.

Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers. In the same way words are associated with a definition, numbers are associated with a set of key words in numerology. Gabrielle explains that the numbers 1 through 9 have very specific meanings that have been handed down from the systems she studies.

In her book’s introduction, Tania Gabrielle explains how she figures out people’s life-purpose number, day-of-birth number, current-name numbers, and more. A life-purpose number is found by adding all the digits in someone’s birthday.

• Obama’s name adds up to a powerful number—the immortality number of 17/8. This means his legacy will resonate long after he passes away.

Numerology: what it means for the Presidential candidates?

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    Numerology in Ontario.
    Numerology in Ontario 2.

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    Numerology from Chennai: Dr. P.R Sundhar Raja is a Pioneer Astro-Nameology, India’s no.1 numerologist & nameologist
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    Astro Numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi from Juhu, Mumbai presents: The Power of Numerology

    Numerology in India.

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    Some interesting websites about numerology:

    Based in Royston, Hertfordshire, UK: The ‘Association Internationale de Numerologues’ provides courses in numerology.
  • UK College of Holistic Training
    Aquire a certificate in Numerology by distance learning; for personal & professional development
  • The Divination Station
    The Divination Station presents various Numerology services, including: personality, relationships, and lucky number.
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    What’s your number? Numerology services: numerology forecast & your numerological portrait
  • Ocean Numerology
    Numerology reportes presented from Grantham, Midlands, UK

    A pocket numerology card.

  • Cosmology might provide an answer to how numerology works!


    Back in the old days of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras of Samos, scientists already had discovered that nature, the universe, and the cosmos do follow certain patterns of development. The rhythms of these patterns can be described with numbers and mathmatics. And this explains why it is said that Pythagoras and his students believed that everything is related to mathematics and that numbers are the ultimate reality. Nevertheless, today it is far from easy to describe how numerology really works. And numerology-skeptics have pointed out that there is actually no theory at all which could explain how numerology works. IF it works at all…

    For example: most of the modern numerology books today, only describe “how to do numerology”. But most numerology books don’t say anything at all about the questions: ‘How does numerology work?’ and ‘Why does numerology work?’…!!!


    Our inability to actually describe HOW numerology works, does this indicate that numerology only works ‘through the human mind’? The best answer to this question might be: ‘possibly’. And could this indicate that (some) numerologists are fooling themselves with ‘selective perceptions’? Again, possibly this could come close to the truth. However …

    Recent discoveries in ‘quantum physics‘ (the branch of physics based on the ‘quantum mechanics’) and ‘cosmology‘ (The study of the origin and evolution of the universe as a whole) have pointed out that the universe is actually sort of ‘in interaction’ with the human mind! This brings us very close to the famous Hermetic Law which states:

    “As Within, So Without! As Above, So Below!”

    Could this bring us closer to answering the question: ‘how does numerology work?’ Again, the best answer could be: ‘possibly’.

    What is numerology?

    The Skepdic Dictionary.
    The Skepdic Dictionary.


    Some quotes & responses:

  • “Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life.” True! But the Skepdic Dictionary simply denies/ignores the fact that the occult often provides meaning and guidence in people’s life. And therefore the conclusions “…there are no occult meanings to numbers …”, is at least questionable.

  • “Some alleged psychics, like Uri Geller, claim that numerology helps them understand events such as the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.” True! But one can question: what does a statement of Uri Geller say about the validity of numerology?

  • “Numerology shouldn’t be brushed off without a thorough examination of its underlying theory. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any.” True! But could this be a basic characteristic of all occult sciences? An occult theory is always questionable for the obvious reasons, just like the ancient stories about Jezus Christ of Nazareth. Asking questions is only a basic ‘quality’ of the human mind!

  • “That is, numerologists can produce a “reading” for you, just as astrologers, biorhythmists and Myers-Briggs can. And you will be amazed at how “accurate” the reading is! You may not even be aware at how selective your thinking has become as you are dazzled by the accuracy of your reading.” True, and this is truely an important point! But maybe it is also interesting to be aware of the fact that even in academic psychology the existence of personality traits is questioned. After all, life is all about perception!

    The Skepdic's Dictionary - The book!

    The Skeptic’s Dictionary

  • What is Western numerology?.


    The origins of Western numerology are often related to the work of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras from Samos. A popular quote which is often attributed to Pythagoras is: “The world is built upon the power of numbers”. These words may be true in the perspective of what academic sciences (physics, math, and chemistry) are currently showing us related to understanding the patterns of our universe. However, there are no hard proves that Pythagoras would have supported the many applications of numbers by numerologists. Today there are 3 recognized systems of numerology: ‘Chaldean numerology’, ‘Kaballah numerology’ and ‘Pythagorean numerology‘ – the last system is often described as Western numerology. Western numerology is also the most used system of numerology in the world.

    The basic rule in Western numerology is that there is a relationship between everything and numbers. Western numerology also claims that each letter of the alphabet has a numeric value that represents a related cosmic vibration.

    For example: the sum of the numbers in your date of birth provides your ‘Life Path Number’ (or: ‘Birth Path Number’). And your full name provides your the ‘Destiny Number’, the vowels in your name: the ‘Soul Urge Number’, and the consonants: your ‘Inner Dreams’. These numbers can often provide a great deal about your character, life purpose, motivation, talent etc.

    Pythagorean numerology.

    Numerology in India!

    October 27, 2008

    Numerology in India is often combined with Vedic astrology.


    The origins of Indian numerology (or: Vedic numerology) are related to the position of vedic astrology and palmistry in the Indian society. In India spiritual guides and leaders often use a combination of astrology, palmistry and numerology for making decisions related to health, marriage, career and finance. However, the basics of Indian numerology are also very much related to the basics of Western numerology (Pythagorean numerology).

    The Vedic philosophy says that everyting in the Universe is based on vibration. And therefore Indian numerology is based on the vibrations and resonance of each number, but it is not just another game of fortune telling. Vedic- and Indian numerology often include the Western concepts which are the basics of ‘Pythagorean numerology’ (e.g. the psychic number, destiny number, name number, etc.). In Indian numerology the Hindu Gods (see below) can not berelated to simply one single number.

    The Gods of Hinduism.